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Golden Gate Park

A large urban park that is consisting of 1,017 acres of public space and is administered by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department that have begun in 1871 to attain the never-ending development of Golden Gate Park. Located in San Francisco, California, the park has 24 million visitors annually and has been considered as a most-visited city park in the United States.


The Park offers a lot of attractions for everyone to enjoy:

  • Explore 1000 amazing acres in a day that covers all of the main roads and trails of the Golden Gate Park. You can put away your guidebook and just explore and enjoy the best views and hidden gems that provide fun tales and the fascinating history of one of the most visited parks in the United States.
  • Check out the California academy of sciences that delivers the wonders of space, land, • and water all in one exquisitely wrapped package, the California Academy of Sciences provides the largest, eco-friendly yet innovative natural history museum in the world. This park’s glistening promise of pre-historic sensations, exploits, minerals, dazzling gems, and astronomical experience you never had. EZ San Francisco Junk Removal
  • Japanese Tea Garden is a pill to get to experience of awakening of the senses with the tranquil sounds of an azalea-covered waterfall, the beautiful set-ups of lanterns, statues, and its intoxicating scent of sweet wisteria and other magical blooms.
  • Explore the behavioral patterns of the American bison at Golden Gate Park. This Park attraction lets you encounter a gang of buffalo. It is located next to Spreckels Lake, a piece of history lumber all across an enclosed field of green meadows. The bison has become a treasured tradition of the park that serves as a remembrance of the Wild West.
  • De Young Museum houses thousands of artifacts and international talent displaying the paints of worldwide proportions. Besides the art and culture exhibitions, there are also varieties of elements associated with stimulating the Golden Gate Park attraction. A café and a sculpture garden with very easy access to the Japanese tea garden.
  • The North Dutch Windmill located on the western part of the Golden Gate is a functional purpose for the city but is now standing as a regal representation of their ancestral roots. The windmills are still solidified within the deep history of the city of San Francisco.
  • Emerging from children’s fairytale, the wonderful colors of pop-up books come to life as you venture into one of the first buildings situated in Golden Gate Park. In here, you will encounter the oldest remaining municipal wooden conservatory in the United States.

For more park attraction info just go through here: https://goldengatepark.com/category/attractions


Located in San Francisco, CA

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