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California Academy of Sciences

Located in San Francisco, California, The California Academy of Sciences is a research institute of the natural history of the museum. The largest among all the museums of natural history in the entire world that houses over 46 million specimens. The Academy began its venture as a learned society that carries a large amount of original research. This institution is located at the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco.

California Academy of Sciences provides a life-changing moment with its world-changing science exhibits such as the aquarium, rainforest, planetarium, and natural history museum in the heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The institution has been a powerful voice to the infinite biodiversity research, environmental education, exploration, and sustainability across the globe.


Inside the museum is the Steinhart Aquarium that is one of the most biologically diverse interactive aquariums on Earth. Housing to nearly 40,000 live animals represents more than 900 unique species. The aquarium offers an unprecedented view of marine and terrestrial habitats. The species displayed nowhere else in the world just to exhibit this cutting-edge research ocean biodiversity. EZ San Francisco Junk Removal


The Morrison Planetarium features out-of-this-world scientific data that results in a stunning visualization of the latest space observations, theories, and discoveries about the universe. Every star, spacecraft, planet, or galaxy encounter in the planetarium is the precise reflection of the real-world counterpart. The visual cosmos is projected onto the planetarium’s 75-foot-diameter screen, the dome results in a uniquely immersive experience due to its ability to disappear.


Step inside this lush green, four-story rainforest that is filled with free-flying birds and exotic reptiles, amphibians, and enormous Amazonian fishes that glides overhead. Inside the dome is a magnificent neotropical rainforest that reaches 90 feet above. The canopy and its four stories down for a beneath-the-surface view of an Amazonian flooded forest. Each stage is a different face-to-face encounter with incredible animals that call the dome their home.

Natural History Museum

The Kimball Natural History Museum in the past, present, and future representation of life on Earth with its fascinating specimens where you can peek into the latest research conducted by the Academy’s in-house scientists. This exhibit draws on over 160 years of Academy research that highlights the uniqueness of the Earth in the most surprising ways.


Embark in a nocturnal adventure every Thursday night from 6-10 pm. This exhibit lets you experience all things luminous in a night of neon such as the science behind neon. Alongside nearly 40,000 live animals, see what’s revealed once the sun goes down and explore the nocturnal side of the Museum.


Address: 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA

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