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Glass Removal

Glass scraps are the most dangerous type of waste to dispose of. Glass is utilized in the production of mirrors, car windshields, commercial windows, glasses, eyeglasses, dinnerware, computer screens, and food containers. Everywhere you look, there is something made of glass. When it comes to the disposal of glass scrap, special precautions must be taken to avoid injury.

Our junk removal team utilizes safety gear and special equipment to pick up, load, haul and dispose of glass scrap. We work with glass manufacturers, window installation service providers, and other companies that deal in glass products. Our goal is to safely remove glass scrap from homes and businesses to a local recycling center.

Our Glass Removal Process

Our glass removal begins with a consultation. The client requests a consultation with a member of our qualified junk removal team. A customer support representative dispatches a technician to the client’s home or business to discuss the glass removal.

During the consultation, the technician will assess the pile of glass scrap to determine the best disposal strategy. The client agrees to hire our junk removal team to remove and dispose of a pile of glass scrap.

A junk removal team is dispatched to the client’s home to perform the glass removal. The glass scrap is transported to a center where it will be recycled.

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