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Piano Removal

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The piano is large musical equipment found in churches, cathedrals, community centers, resorts, bars, schools, hotels, homes, and casinos. The piano dates back to 1720 when it was initially invented by Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori. There is no doubt, pianos have improved over the decades. Today, musicians all across the globe rely on their pianos to perform live, record music and master their skills. Pianos come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.

A piano can easily deliver a decade of wonderful music. It seems the technology becomes outdated way before the piano is ready to be replaced. The modern piano is integrated with bass strings, dampers, a keyboard, hammers, treble strings, tuning pins, bass bridge, a cast iron plate, and a treble bridge. All these components work in unison to generate sound.

What To Do When Your Piano Needs Replaced?

Once you decide it is time to upgrade your old piano, you will need to immediately start working on a disposal strategy. Larger models weigh up to 1,400 pounds while smaller models weigh as little as 300 pounds. The heavier your old piano, the more manpower it will take to remove it from your home. Unfortunately, not every pianist has access to the much-needed manpower and resources to complete the removal process. This is where our junk removal service comes into play.

Our Old Piano Removal

We understand, you love your piano, but have decided it needs to be replaced. Once you reach this decision, there is no time to delay the removal. When you lack the resources to remove and relocate your old piano to a recycling center, donation facility, or landfill, we can help. Our junk removal team will arrive at your property to move the old piano to the exterior perimeter. Once the piano is outside, we will load it into the back of our work truck. Depending on your preferred disposal method, the piano may need to be fully disassembled before hauling it away.

Old Piano Recycling Preparation

If your goal is to recycle your old piano, you may be required to be fully disassembled in advance. Pianos are embedded with hundreds of small and large components made from various materials. Recycling centers do not accept wood, you will need to find another disposal alternative. Most metal and plastic components should be recyclable. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local recycling facility. Wood can be recycled and utilized to make new products.

Consider Donating To A Nonprofit Organization

Charities and other nonprofit organizations may accept your preowned piano for donation. If you can find a charity to accept your old piano, you may not need to break it down. In some cases, nonprofit organizations will schedule a pickup for good, used items, including pianos.

You can always offer the used piano to your church, a local thrift shop, friend, neighbor, co-worker, children’s school, or a family member. Depending on the condition of the preowned piano, it may be able to provide several more years of service life to the recipient.

Join A Community Yard Sale

Many communities host yard sales at least twice a year. If you can tolerate your old piano for a few more months, you could sell it in a yard sale. As long as the price is affordable and the piano is fully functional, someone may take it off your hands.

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