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Cleaning For Spring: Outdoor Checklist

Spring is a wonderful time as the weather begins to improve. Since you can start enjoying yourself outside once again, it is a good idea to begin enhancing your outdoor space. You’ll want to spend a lot of time on your porch and relaxing in your backyard. Therefore, you’ll need to clean up your outdoor space and make it perfect. Use the advice below to create an outdoor checklist that will make your landscape perfect. EZ San Francisco Junk Removal

Outdoor Spring Cleaning List Items

In Spring, you’ll want to do everything you can to make your home perfect. Don’t forget your outdoor space. Add the following tasks to your spring-cleaning list.

Work On Your Plants

First and foremost, you should begin working on your plants. At the beginning of spring, there is a good chance that your plants are going to look bad. They’ll be dull and lifeless. You need to fix this before doing anything else. Start by cutting your grass and getting rid of weeds. Trim your trees and bushes. Proper landscaping maintenance will keep your property beautiful and healthy. If you need to throw away yard trimmings, branches, or limbers, call our office.

We’ll get rid of these items for you.

Create An Inventory List

After you’ve finished the step above, you need to create an inventory of your stuff. Write a list of the stuff you have on your property. Once you’ve completed your list, you need to find out what you’re going to keep and what you’re going to throw away. If your kids are no longer going to use the playset, you should disassemble it and throw it away. If your BBQ grill is beyond repair, you should get rid of the BBQ. Throw, donate, or recycle any items that you’re not going to keep.

Prepare Outdoor Furniture

Get your outdoor furniture ready for the upcoming season. You’re likely going to sit outside and enjoy yourself. To do this, your outdoor furniture has to be in good condition and clean. If the furniture is dirty, clean it right away. However, there is a risk that the furniture is rusted or damaged. If you need to throw it away, call our office. We’ll get rid of it for you.

Clear Out Your Shed

Have you been storing your belongings in a shed? Doing so is a good idea, but you have to avoid overloading your shed. Otherwise, you’re going to have to stop using it. With this in mind, you should begin getting rid of the items from your shed. Clear out these items so you can begin using your shed once again. Do you need assistance clearing out your shed? Call us. Our experts can take care of it for your promptly.

Clean Your Fence

It is hard to clean your fence or gate during the cold winter months. Instead, you’ll want to stay inside and stay warm. When it gets hot outside, you should go outside and clean your fence. In some cases, you can clean the fence and move on. Otherwise, you may need to remove the chipped paint and repaint the fence. Find out what is going to work best for you and get it done promptly.

Check The Lightbulbs

Finally, you should spend time checking your lightbulbs. They might’ve died during the cold months. Therefore, you should check them and replace them. Adding new lightbulbs will make your property livelier and more beautiful. You’ll also want to properly clean your light fixtures.

Do you need to get rid of junk from your property? We’re here to help you. Pick up the phone and call our office to set up an appointment with our experts. We’ll take care of it right away.

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