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Scrap metal comes in all sizes, shapes, and weights. It is unfortunate when you are left dealing with a pile of scrap metal. This is especially true for people with minimal removal and disposal resources. Fortunately, scrap metal is not that difficult to dispose of because it is recyclable and donatable in many cases.

Scrap metal should not be disposed of in the household waste. Your local household waste pickup service will not accept scrap metal. This leaves you looking for other disposal alternatives like recycling and donating.

Municipality landfills and dumps do whatever is necessary to keep scrap metals out. When they receive scrap metals, they immediately begin to prepare them for recycling.

Our Scrap Metal Removal Service

We collect scrap metal from businesses and homes. If you have leftover metal scrap from renovation projects, we can help. Our junk removal team will gladly pick up your old scrap metal and prepare it for recycling. Our prices are affordable to ensure we are a competitive junk removal service. To learn more, do not hesitate to reach out to our local office. You will be paired with a junk removal expert to prepare for the scrap metal removal process.

  • Brass Scrap Metal – Old brass plumbing fixtures and pipes are recyclable. We will collect your brass scrap metal and drop it off at a local recycling center for a one-time fee
  • Aluminum Scrap Metal Aluminum scrap metal is extremely common because it is found in all kinds of products. Aluminum bicycle frames, kid’s toys, models, food cans, and playground equipment. Aluminum has many benefits, including affordability and accessibility, which is why it is commonly utilized in the manufacturing of various products
  • Cast Iron Scrap Metal Cast iron is found in cookware, kitchen sinks, tools, heavy equipment, and other products. It is a heavy metal, making it difficult to handle in many cases. We will pick up your cast iron scrap metal and transport it to a local recycling facility
  • Steel Scrap Metal Steel is another common metal. It is generally mixed with other types of metals and utilized in the production of vehicles, petroleum pipes, playground equipment, and buildings. We handle steel in all shapes and sizes. Just give us a call and we will dispatch a junk removal team to your property to collect your steel scrap metal
  • Copper Scrap Metal Copper is commonly utilized in natural gas fittings and pipes. It is also utilized to make chimney caps, roofs, doorknobs, and jewelry. We collect all kinds of copper scrap metal for recycling. Schedule your free consultation today to ensure you get the best deal on our junk removal service
  • Tin Scrap Metal Tin is utilized in the production of cookware, electronic components, beverage cans, bicycle parts, and paint cans. We pick up and haul tin scrap metal to recycling centers. The tin scrap is repurposed and utilized for the new production of all kinds of products
  • Zinc Scrap Metal Zinc scrap metal is a rare find. It is commonly combined with other metals to prevent corrosion and rusting. We will pick up your zinc scrap metal and drop it off at a recycling center of your choice
  • Lead Scrap Metal Lead is recyclable scrap metal. It is more commonly found in disposal and rechargeable batteries. Contact your local recycling center to determine if they accept lead-based batteries
  • Nickel Scrap Metal Nickel is commonly found in belt buckles, silverware, disposal razors, and cellphone components. Most recycling centers accept nickel scrap metal. We will collect your nickel scrap and transport it to a recycling center

How To Legally Dispose Of Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal disposal is a fairly simple process because it is recyclable. It is important to know your local scrap metal disposal laws before taking matters into your own hands.

Small-, medium-, and large-sized scrap metal can be recycled at most recycling centers. We handle everything from pop cans to old bicycle frames to stock car parts. To learn more about our scrap metal removal, contact our local junk removal team. We will gladly dispatch a technician to your property to consult with you and your family about our scrap metal removal.

Scrap Metals That Are Not Recyclable

While it may be difficult to believe, scrap metal is extremely easy to dispose of. However, some scrap metals are not recyclable. Non-recyclable scrap metals must be disposed of through other means than recycling centers. Non-recyclable scrap metals include the following:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs that contain mercury
  • Cathode ray tubes that contain lead
  • Aerosol paint cans
  • Propane gas canisters
  • Uranium and plutonium radioactive metals
  • Motor oil and lead paint cans
  • Some cookware and utensils

Metals that are treated with chemicals are not accepted at most recycling centers. Landfills will not take chemically treated scrap metals because they generate environmentally unfriendly greenhouse gases.

Why Recycle Scrap Metals?

Recycling scrap metals keep this type of waste out of landfills and dumps. Scrap metals in dumps break down and generate harmful chemicals that plague the environment. Plus, recycled scrap metals help minimize the need to make new metals for manufacturing. Recycled metals are utilized to produce new building components, electronic devices, playground equipment, automobiles, bicycles, silverware, and other products.

The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” highly recommends recycling scrap metal. Not only does it protect the environment from future damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions, but it can also put a little extra cash in your back pocket.

Is It Legal To Put Scrap Metals In Recycling Bins?

It depends on your household waste collection service. Some companies encourage their clients to recycle their scrap metals in their recycling bins, others do not. Small pieces of old scrap metal should be okay. However, it is never a good idea to dispose of scrap metal without validating it with your trash collection service provider.

Empty metal cans utilized for exterior and interior paints should not be disposed of in recycling bins. These containers contain chemicals that pose risks to the environment. Instead, you can clean out the cans and donate them to your local hardware store.

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