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Yard Waste Removal

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With spring around the corner, property owners are gearing up for lawn care. It may surprise you, but a lot of people enjoy working in their yard. They enjoy pulling weeds, cutting grass, and trimming hedges. The property owners who do not enjoy doing lawn care are still responsible.

Our Yard Debris Removal Is Affordable And Easy

When there is too much yard debris for one person to handle, we can help. Our yard waste removal is available and affordable. We pick up your lawn debris and haul it away to a landfill or recycling drop-off. Some yard debris can be recycled for mulch, OSB plywood, and other products. We highly recommend recycling downed trees, branches, and twigs.

We will gladly pick up your leaves and other yard waste for a set rate. We strive to keep our prices feasible to ensure access to all property owners. It is unfortunate when consumers pay for household waste collection service that refuses to take yard debris. Something has to be done with the waste or it will become an eyesore for your property.

Give us a call, we will pick up your yard debris one time or once a week, depending on your needs. If you have an acre or more of property, you are probably continuously working to keep your lawn mowed, trees trimmed, shrubs clipped, and leaves racked. When you can no longer handle a large pile of lawn debris, we will take over the responsibility. We will collect the lawn waste on a day of your choice and haul it to a recycling facility.

What Is Considered Yard Debris?

Yard debris is any type of waste generated by your trees, shrubs, garden, hedges, and grass. Biological or green waste can be disposed of in several ways. It can be recycled, composted, and burnt in a contained fire barrel in some cities.

Most Efficient Yard Waste Disposal Methods

It cannot be stressed enough, not all property owners have the resources to haul their yard debris to a drop-off facility. Those who do have access to a truck and trailer are lacking the time to invest in the removal process, which is where our junk removal service comes into play. We will pick up your yard waste and haul it to a municipal transfer facility.

Most landfills no longer take yard debris, creating problems for many property owners. Municipalities are encouraging people to find other disposal means for their yard debris. If your landfill does not take lawn waste, you can try the disposal methods listed below:

  • Hire our junk removal team to deal with your yard debris
  • Donate tree stumps, branches, and twigs to a mulch company to be recycled
  • Compost your green waste by investing in a composting machine. Toss your yard debris into the composting machine, add water, and stir. Repeat this process every few days to speed up the composting process
  • Use your grass clippings as a store-bought mulch alternative. Place a small pile of the grass clippings around your trees, flowers, and shrubs. Place the grass trimmings in a pile to allow them time to dry before utilizing them as mulch. Wet grass clippings will decrease moisture and oxygen, resulting in diseased or dead grass and plants.
  • Some municipalities permit yard debris to be burned in contained areas. Dried tree branches, stumps, and twigs can safely be burned in legal fire rings or barrels. However, you need to validate the legalities before burning your lawn waste to stay on the legal side of the law

Best Disposal Option For Tree Branches

Small- to large-sized tree branches can be recycled for mulch. Recycled mulch offers a variety of benefits, including affordability and moisturizing. You can break the branches into small pieces or rent a mulch machine.

Place the tree branch pieces around your trees, in your garden, around your shrubs, and around your flowers. Utilize a small pile of recycled mulch to avoid burnout of the roots of your plants.

How To Compost Green Yard Waste?

Composting is a simple process that can be completed in less than a month. When done properly, you can create a fresh pile of compost every two to four weeks. As mentioned previously, you can invest in a composting machine to ensure efficiency across the board. However, a composting machine is not necessary for backyard composting. You can dig a small- to the medium-sized hole for your green waste.

Place a small pile of vegetation and other organic waste in your hold. Grass trimmings, leaves, and small twigs will work great for backyard composting. Spread the yard debris out evenly and cover it with water. Try to stir the green waste to ensure it is completely wet. Do not disturb for several days to allow the composting process to begin.

Most people stir their compost pile at least every three days. Be sure to assess the compost pile to ensure it is still damp before stirring. If you forget to stir the compost, do not fret, it will continue to break down. However, watering and stirring routinely will speed up the process.

You can utilize the fresh compost to add nutrients back to the soil in your garden or around your shrubs and trees.

Do Household Waste Collection Services Accept Tree Branches And Leaves?

Many trash pickup service providers do accept leaves, twigs, branches, and grass clippings. However, you will need to validate this with your local waste pickup company. Some of these services providers offer recycling bins specifically for yard debris. Once the recycling bin is full, you will need to find another disposal method because the acceptable amount is oftentimes limited.

Some trash dumpster services also accept yard debris. This is the easiest way to dispose of branches and other green waste products. If you reside in a residential community that utilizes trash dumpsters, do not take it upon yourself to dispose of your green waste in one of the dumpsters. First, validate if the company accepts green waste to avoid monetary penalties and fines.

Place your yard debris in a biodegradable bag prior to tossing it in the dumpster or hauling it to the curb for pickup.

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