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Rubber scrap is one of the most difficult types of trash to dispose of. Most municipality landfills do not accept rubber scrap. Unfortunately, the mere fact rubber scrap is so difficult to dispose of encourages illegal dumping. Fortunately, there are other disposal alternatives to local dumps and landfills. However, you will need to know the local used tire disposal laws and regulations to avoid monetary penalties and fines.

Never dispose of your old tires in illegal dumping sites, no matter how tempting it may be. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is continuously monitoring illegal dumps sites, hoping to catch people throwing away their rubber scrap. If you happen to be at an illegal dumpsite when an EPA official drives by, you may face heavy penalties and jail time.

How To Legally Dispose Of Old Tires?

When your landfill will not take your old tires, your disposal options are limited. However, you do have options, which cannot be said about some people. Knowing your municipality’s old tire disposal regulations will ensure you stay on the right side of the law when disposing of your rubber scrap.

We remove all types of old tires. We collect bicycle, lawnmower, automobile, tractor, semi-truck, and ATV tires. We will collect your old tires and transport them to a local recycling center.

Can You Compost Rubber Scrap?

No, rubber scrap is not compostable. Rubber is not biodegradable. It will not break down over time, unlike organic waste. So, you cannot compost your old rubber tires. Landfills do not accept rubber scrap because it contains flammable materials. Fortunately, there are other disposal options that are accessible and affordable for most people.

Can You Throw Old Tires In Dumpsters?

No, most dumpster companies do not accept rubber scrap. Never dispose of your old tires in community dumpsters without contacting the company directly. If you are caught disposing of scrap rubber in local dumpsters, you will face heavy penalties.

To avoid monetary penalties, you should just pay the municipality disposal fee for old tires. Drop your old tires off at a local retailer or automotive shop for disposal. Again, you will need to pay the disposal fee, but it beats going to jail or fine.

Recycle Your Old Tires At Home

Instead of paying a disposal fee for your old tires, you should consider recycling them. You can convert your old tires into outdoor furniture, flower planters, garden retainer walls, and garage mirrors.

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