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Every city, town, and municipality has strict waste disposal laws and regulations. It is against the law to dump waste in unauthorized areas. Unfortunately, some people can dump their trash anywhere and get by with it. However, there is a watchful eye of the government looming above when illegally dumping their trash.

There are several trash disposal options available to local residents and businesses. Landfill disposal just happens to be the most popular. Either the waste is transported to the landfill or a collection drop-off area by the property owner or a local trash pickup service. Both options work great, as they allow for the legal disposal of commercial and household waste products.

Trash Pickup And Disposal Made Easy

Even if you are enrolled in a recurring trash collection service, some waste is disqualified. For example, household waste collection service providers do not deal with large pieces of furniture, outdoor children’s playsets, scrap metals, and old automotive parts. When your local trash collection service refuses your pile of trash, you can give us a call. We will pick up and transport your waste to a local landfill. All recyclables will be transported to a local drop-off facility, where they will be sorted and repurposed for future uses.

Is Trash Collection Service Expensive?

Our custom packages make trash pickup services very affordable. If your garbage collection fees are tacked onto your monthly water and sewage bill, you do not have many options but to pay it. However, if it is your responsibility to choose a trash collection service provider, you may be surprised by our affordable rates.

We will customize you a trash collection package for a one-time service or recurring services. If you would like us to pick up your trash daily, weekly, or monthly, we will customize a package to specifically meet your needs.

How To Minimize Your Household Waste?

When most people think of their household waste, they do not give much thought to decreasing it. This is unfortunate because our local landfills are filling at a rapid pace. By minimizing your household waste generation, you are doing your part to protect the environment from further damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Landfill waste generates thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. With every household on board, it is possible to reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world. Here is how you can help:

  • Buy A Compost Machine – Composting is the natural process of breaking down household waste products. Food and paper scraps are compostable, which means they can be added to your compost machine. All compostable waste must be added to the composter to decrease the amount of waste your home generates monthly. Composting is a fairly simple process. You can add the compostable waste, add water, and mix. You can add new compostable trash products at will. Add water and stir to speed up the composting process
  • Consider Recycling – Recycling is the process of repurposing eligible waste products and utilizing them for new manufacturing processes. Electronic components, automotive parts, scrap metal, plastic scrap, and other eligible junk can be recycled. The recycled waste is repurposed and transported to various manufacturing facilities for new production
  • Donate To The Needy – The needy can always utilize your preowned items in condition. Old coats, blankets, electronics, toys, shoes, handbags, car parts, and other unwanted items can be donated to needy neighbors. If you do not know anyone in need, you can always turn to your local charities. Nonprofit organizations, such as the Salvation Army, Karm’s, and Goodwill accept good, used items, which are sold for cash or donated to needy families. This is one of the best ways to minimize your household waste
  • Transition From Disposal Dishes To NonDisposal Dishes – Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on disposal plates, silverware, and cups. The landfills are filling up with disposal dishes and silverware. Experts recommend transitioning from disposal plates, cups, forks, and napkins to non-disposal alternatives

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