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We’re proud to provide our local clients with shed removal services. When you’re ready to begin, you can guarantee that we’re going to be here working for you. We’ll work swiftly to remove the unwanted items from your shed and get rid of them promptly. Call our office to set up an appointment immediately. We won’t let you down.

Tearing Down Your Shed Quickly & Conveniently

We sincerely hope you’re ready to let us help you. Our technicians are only one phone call away. Therefore, you should pick up the phone and call our office immediately. Once you’ve called, we’ll help you schedule an appointment and send a technician to your property. Since we’re the best in the industry, we will take care of the problem quicker and more efficiently than anyone else.

Whether you want to empty your shed or tear it down, you can rest assured knowing we’ll take care of it right away.

Shed Removal Services Are Available

We offer shed removal services in your area. Once your shed begins falling down, call us. We’ll make sure it gets taken care of as quickly as possible. Our skilled technicians will handle the mess and keep you safe during each phase of the process.

Is A Permit Needed To Demolish A Shed?

You may be wondering whether you’re going to need a permit to demolish your shed. Ultimately, you might need one. It depends on the rules and regulations in your city. Before ripping your shed apart, it is a good idea to check the rules in your area. Otherwise, you might get fined for not abiding by the rules.

Can You Take Oversized Sheds?

You’re likely wondering whether we can take large sheds. Although it depends on the precise circumstances, we can most likely take your shed. If the shed can be disassembled by two individuals without special equipment, we can take it for you. Once we arrive, we’ll analyze the situation and give you a free estimate. Agree with our price so we can begin removing your shed right away. It can be that quick and easy.

Average Cost Of Shed Removal

How much should you pay for shed removal services? Unfortunately, it is hard to determine the price until we look at your unique situation. Nevertheless, the prices tend to range from $200 to $2,000. Once we’ve arrived at your home, we’ll check the shed’s condition, location, and foundation. Then, you’ll receive a free estimate from our expert.


We have to consider the shed’s location. Sheds that are hard to reach will cost more to disassemble and dispose of.


We’ll have to consider the shed’s condition as well. First and foremost, you must remember that older sheds are on the verge of falling. Therefore, it will be much easier for our technicians to get rid of it for you. If the shed is new, it’ll be harder to deal with. The price will depend on the shed’s condition.


Finally, the cost will depend on the shed’s foundation. When we’re dealing with sheds that are secured to a concrete foundation, it will be harder for us to tear down and get rid of for you. If it isn’t, we can get rid of it easier.

Comprehensive Guide To Tearing Down Your Unwanted Shed

Are you ready to tear down your old shed? Although we recommend hiring a professional, many believe it is best to tackle the problem on their own. If you fit into this category, you should do your best to get it done right. Work carefully to ensure that you do not hurt yourself. Before you get started, make sure that you have suitable safety equipment, a pry bar, a pair of pliers, a drill, an adjustable wrench, a broom, a claw hammer, a tarp, a ladder, and a handsaw. Once you’ve collected these items, continue to the steps provided below.

  • Before you begin ripping the shed apart, you should disconnect the electricity. Make sure it is free of electricity, so you won’t get electrocuted.
  • With the power off, begin removing the windows. When removing the windows, be sure to do so carefully to avoid breaking the glass and hurting yourself. Place the windows in a safe spot.
  • Next, begin taking care of the doors. Although you can pop out the hinge pins, you can also unscrew the hinges. Find out what works best for you. With the door free, be sure to set it down nearby.
  • With the doors and windows gone, start tearing down the walls. You can rip off the drywall using your hands or a claw hammer. Break these items into smaller pieces to make them easier to dispose of later.
  • Once you’ve finished, you need to rip up the floor. Break the floor into smaller pieces or cut it with a handsaw. Don’t stop until you’ve finished.

Now, you likely have a lot of unwanted items sitting on your property. At this point, you should call us. We’re eager to help. Call our office immediately. We’ll take your unwanted items and dispose of them for you in an eco-friendly way.

Cleaning Out Old & New Sheds

Remember that we offer shed cleanout services. Whether you’re cleaning out an old shed or a new shed, you can guarantee that we’ll help. We’ll take your unwanted items and dispose of them promptly. We’ll work swiftly and do the heavy lifting. Call us to get started right away.

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