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TV Recycling & Disposal

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Old televisions are extremely difficult to dispose of. Many municipality dumps are beginning to ban old TVs because they contain environmentally unfriendly materials. Did you know old televisions are recyclable? Well, maybe not the entire TV, but some of the internal components and exterior materials are recyclable.

Old TV Removal

We collect all old TVs. We handle small, medium, and large televisions that need to be legally disposed of. We will pick up your old TVs and transport them to a local recycling center. If necessary, our junk removal team will disassemble the old TVs before dropping them off at a recycling center. However, we suggest contacting your local recycling center to determine what type of TVs are recyclable.

We can help you save time and money on your old TV disposal.

Do Household Waste Collection Services Pick Up Old TVs?

It depends on the service provider. Some trash pickup services will not handle old televisions. Even if you are a long-term member, your old TVs will be left at the curb. You can always save yourself the trouble of hauling the old televisions to the curb for pickup by contacting your household waste collection service provider in advance.

When you are left dealing with your old TV disposal, we are here to help. Our junk removal team is fully qualified to remove and haul your old TVs to a local recycling center. We utilize manpower and special equipment to pick up and load old televisions in the back of our work trucks. There is no TV too small or too large for our junk removal team to handle.

Is It Illegal To Throw Old TVs In Community Dumpsters?

It depends on the dumpster company. We do not recommend disposing of old TVs or other electronic devices in community dumpsters without getting approval from the service provider. When you have old TVs to dispose of, you can always rely on our junk removal team. We hire qualified technicians to remove, haul, and drop off piles of malfunctioning TVs at local recycling centers.

Donate Your Old TVs

You can save yourself time and money by donating your old TV sets. However, only preowned TVs in good operating condition are donatable. Nonprofit charities, such as Karm’s, Salvation Army, and Goodwill accept old TVs in good condition. While it may not seem likely, good preowned TVs are junked on a daily basis. The technology found in TVs can become outdated fairly quickly, encouraging consumers to buy replacements.

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