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Golden Gate Bridge

How it was Made?

Four decades after railroad entrepreneur Charles Crocker’s call to action in bridge construction all across Golden GateStrait in 1872. The structural engineer and newspaper editor, James H. Wilkins captured the attention of San Francisco City Engineer Michael O’Shaughnessy.

August 1919 when the city officials have formally requested that O’Shaughnessy discovered the possibility of building a bridge across the Golden Gate Strait. O’Shaughnessy began consulting numbers of engineers all across the United States to discuss with them the feasibility and cost of building a bridge across the bodies of water. Through his consultations, the most speculated that a bridge would cost over $100 million and that one couldn’t be built. But not until Joseph Baermann Strauss came forward and said that such bridge wasn’t only feasible, but could be built for $25 million to $30 million. EZ San Francisco Junk Removal

On June 28, 1921, Strauss has submitted his preliminary sketches to O’Shaughnessy and Edward Rainey, the secretary of the then Mayor of San Francisco, Hon. James Rolph. The estimated cost for his original design, which was an asymmetrical cantilever-suspension hybrid span was less than expected which was $17 million.

It took him a year and a half to release the cantilever suspension hybrid design to the public mass. During this time, Strauss was promoting the great idea of the bridge using the original design he made to the northern California communities. Strauss has dedicated himself to convincing civic leaders that the idea wasn’t just feasible but it could be paid with toll revenues alone.

Bridge Operations

The very beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California is a vital transportation link between the city and county of San Francisco and Marin County up until the north. The Bridge is a fixed, six-lane roadway that is 1.7 miles long and carries about 112,000 vehicles per day. Tolls are assessed electronically in the southbound direction only which heads to San Francisco via Marin County.

What You Have to Do During the Visit

  • The San Francisco visit will not be complete if you don’t consider getting a free walking bridge tour that is offered by San Francisco City Guides, which Is a non-profit organization associated with the San Francesco Public Library.
  • Enjoy a steaming cup of coffee by the beautiful scenery at The Round House with their special equator coffee.
  • Hike and explore at the. Picturesque trails in one of the largest national parks in the urban area.
  • Cyclists have toll-free access to the Bridge’s east and west sidewalks 24 hours a day. However, Cyclists must yield to pedestrians and use caution within the areas of the tower due to its limited space to maneuver.


Address: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

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