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Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular tourist spot and neighborhood in the City of San Francisco, California. It is a neighborhood encompassing from the northern waterfront of San Francisco from Ghirardelli Square from Van Ness Avenue or the Ghirardelli Square east part of Pier 35 is geographically known as Kearny Street. The name Fisherman’s Wharf got its name from the characters from the early days of mid to later 1800s when Italian immigrants and also fishermen came to the city to take advantage of the big population due to the gold rush. From then until the day on Fisherman’s Wharf has been the spot for local delicacies and Dungeness crab and have been also the center of operations in San Francisco’s fishing fleet.

Things to Do

There will be always something for everyone at Fisherman’s Wharf. Like during the day you can take advantage of unique attractions, watch a shark getting fed, jump into a 3D interactive ride or simply pose with a celebrity wax figure.

  • Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours
    Bay City Bike in San Francisco is one of the favorites in Fisherman’s Wharf. It allows you to be on a spectacular day of self-guided touring. Ride a bicycle around San Francisco Bay or throughout the city for a unique and unforgettable sightseeing experience.
    Address: 2661 Taylor Street San Francisco, CA
  • Cartoon Art Museum
    Cartoon Art Museum will always have something for everyone. From its comic strips, political cartoons, books and anime, underground comics, and graphic novels. Cartoon Art Museum is a must-visit for all ages to have the opportunity to view original cartoon art exhibitions or maybe get cartooning classes and so much more.
    Address: 781 Beach Street San Francisco, CA 
  • Sea Lions
    Camping out in Pier 39’s West Marina and it coined “Sea Lebrities” is the boisterous barking cute sea lions that started arriving in droves, taken over the docks in the year 1990 of January shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.
    Address: PIER 39, K-Dock San Francisco, California
  • San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park Visitor Center
    Housing the 1908 historic brick cannery warehouse with its maritime interpretative material and maritime artifacts which includes “A Walk Along the Waterfront,” a museum-quality walk-through is an exhibit that allows you to teleport through San Francisco’s historic waterfront, from the original native tribes to the early 20th century period of industrialization.
    Address: 499 Jefferson Street San Francisco, CA

Some great things to do in Fisherman’s Wharf EZ San Francisco Junk Removal

  • Tower Tours
  • Red and White Fleet
  • Blue and Gold Fleet
  • Wine Tasting on the Bay

And so much more! Just go through this page https://www.fishermanswharf.org/things-to-do/attractions/?view=list&sort=qualityScore&bounds=false

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