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Sunset District  

Sunset District which includes Golden Gate Heights, Outer Sunset, Inner Sunset, Parnassus Heights, and Parkside. Scrub and sand have been the pillar and foundation of the the whole Sunset District. The par and ocean railroad setup of the neighborhood has been the pathway for weekend revelers to the Ocean Beach during 1883. The passengers saw to this south part of San Francisco is the rolling cold desert of sand which is distinguished as the Great Sand Waste. This part of the neighborhood has been added to the city of San Francisco in 1866 and have made a map during 1868 the grid pattern of the streets.

The Sunset District located in the west-central area of San Francisco; California is the largest neighborhood in within the San Francisco County. One section of the district towards the southeastern end is referred to as the Parkside neighborhood. Prior to the commercial and residential development of the Sunset District, much of the whole area was ones covered in sand dunes. EZ San Francisco Junk Removal

Things to Do

  • 16th Avenue Stairs
    The 16th Avenue Stairs is far most famous attractions out of all the colorfully tiled stairs within the city by the Bay. There has been a total of 163 steps with a very gorgeous beyond belief art because each flight of stairs has a design that is specific to it.
    Address: 16th Ave, San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Gate Park
    One of the most gorgeous parks all over the world is actually located in the San Francisco Sunset District. Golden Gate Park is a place that offers anything for everyone with it 1,000 acres area. In addition to the attraction that have been mentioned you will also see lakes, wild animals and different bird species.
  • Hidden Garden Stairs
    This set of stairs is breathtakingly beautiful for its design on every set of stairs that is full of massive flowers, animals, insects and so much more. One of the many reasons why this stairs is loved by everyone is that many of the tiles feature dedications and memorials to all people who have passed away or may have donated in building or maintaining the steps.
    Address: 1520 16th Ave, San Francisco, California
  • Ocean Beach
    This beach is infamous for its gorgeous sunsets, escape from all the busy hustle and bustle of the city. This beautiful beach has great views from its massively giant windows and delicious food. You can also watch the bonfires that the beach goers

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