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The Presidio has served as a military reservation since its establishment in 1776. Presidio was once the northernmost outpost of colonial power in the New World. The longest-garrisoned post in the country and has been the oldest installation during the American West. It has played a big role during the Spanish exploration and settlement of borderlands, Mexico’s control of the region from Alta California to Texas, and the involvement of the United States not only during the frontier expansion but have also had major conflicts since the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848.

Native Americans have called the northern California region their home for nearly 10,000 years long before the arrival of Europeans. The indigenous Costanoan/Ohlone people seasonally occupy villages.

Things to Do

Bird Watching

 Whether it will be your first bird watching or maybe an expert, the Presidio offers an excellent opportunity to catch a variety of bird species flying around the vast blue skies of San Francisco, California. Located all along the Pacific Flyway, hundreds of migrating species use Presidio as their nesting place, one of these are Allen hummingbirds and belted kingfishers.

Baker Beach

San Francisco’s best beaches are located within Presidio. Baker Beach is known for its wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge afterwhile Marshall Beach is very accessible through California to Bluff Trails with a more secluded travel experience.

Take a Hike or Bike Rides

A 24-mile trail, the Presidio offers a variety of hiking and biking experiences for everyone of all ages. Whether you walk briskly or leisurely, with a friend or maybe with your own company, every trail is perfect for every situation. Bike riders enjoy the flat Crissy Field Trail with the view of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.

Escape the City

 Presidio’s 15,000-acre footprint is a natural oasis with its 330 native plant species, 30 butterfly species, three watersheds, 323 bird species, a freshwater lake, and tidal marsh. One great way to escape the busy hustle and bustle of the city is a stay a close trip to Mountain Lake at the southern edge of the park. EZ San Francisco Junk Removal

Andy Goldsworthy’s Spire

Hiking along the Bay Are Ridge Trial will possibly take you to a new Presidio landmark of startling grandeur. Standing at 100 feet tall and its tapering, the Spire is a sculpture by the famous, world-renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy. This is Presidio’s piece that he was inspired to do from when his first visit to the park in 2006.

Address: Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, CA

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